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Get the best Livestock available in the market.

Regardless of your geographical location, we welcome you to contact us today for the best livestock deals. Discount available for first time customers. We produce our own products from animal feed to livestock. Dealing with us you can be sure of the best deals in pricing and quality. 

Our Priority is to offer flexible services

Our company began operating with the aim of producing and supplying top quality Cows, Goat, Sheep, Layer & Broiler Chicken ,Day-old chicks and Fresh eggs, Ostrich,  and Animal Feeds. Also, we have  Poultry Equipment. From humble beginnings, our company has grown from a small supplier to one that produces an average 250 000 day-old chicks per week, supplying, Layers & Broiler Chickens, ostrich, and now animal feed and livestock. One of our main objectives is to breed functionally efficient animals that can perform in the veld with the minimum of inputs. Absolute size and weight (“fatness”) are not the alpha and omega for us, productivity under low-cost conditions is. Fertility, hardiness, and mothering abilities are key factors in the success of our stud and we aim to deliver these traits to our clients. Our animal health program is rigorously managed and implemented and the condition of our livestock and Poultry reflects this.

Cordial Terms Of Service

Friendly terms of service designed to fit various business needs of different types of buyers.

Quick Delivery

We will always inform you when your order will arrive and we will make sure we always deliver on time. 99% accurate.

Customer Care

Reach our expert support team at any time to make inquiries or discuss any issues. We are always on standby for you.

Assured Quality

We sell only quality products. We will never compromise with the quality or our livestocl or other products. We give the best.



Our strategically located facilities, ensure that input costs are kept low. We pride ourselves on superseding industry-led quality and safety standards.

We believe in delivering extraordinary products and ensuring that quality control is always at the forefront of our processes. For this reason, we have integrated all production processes under one roof guaranteeing total quality management, whilst making us one of the most efficient farming groups in America.

We Supply top quality livestock & Farm equipments
We are livestock marketing and export specialists. We serve the buyer and assure a fair and competitive price on all breeding


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